Friday, 19 July 2013

Chicky Yellow Beanie 1

After a whirlwind couple of days spent in Adelaide and a similarly jam-packed set of days in WA, I'm happy to leave the world of work behind and come down to something much more basic and calming. I may have mentioned before that there is about to be a rash of babies of mums I know due in the next few months and I want to be prepared!

So, this is the start of the presents...a Chicky Yellow Beanie made from the leftover 4ply merino I made my Scrambled Egg Socks with (Nasturtium by Jodulbug Creations). It is a moss stitch beanie to be followed by moss stitch booties from the Cleckheaton Little Babies collection 2. 
I quite like how it is turning out and hopefully should suit any little boy or girl. It is funny how different the variegated effects come through, very different to the Scrambled Egg Socks. I haven't been game to make booties since the disastrous first booties made fore my niece but I think I've grown as a knitter since then so fingers crossed they will turn out better.

Tonight, it will be me, the beanie, a glass of wine and The Other Boleyn Girl. Hopefully, pure and utter bliss!

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