Saturday, 13 July 2013

Quartet Feather and Fan Scarf

As you may already know, I have been a busy bee these last few weeks with custom knits. I am now about three quarters through my last one for July, which is really exciting. I was asked to do a Skinny Feather and Fan Scarf using the really beautiful Morris and Sons Quartet in a very subtle silver grey and brown shades. It is a wonderful yarn to knit, being a very soft yarn with a soy bean mix in it which makes it ultra silky. The scarf almost knits itself....with the added bonus that I'm catching up on Midsomer Murders, Bletchley Circle and Miss Marple as I go!

The colour unfortunately is very hard to capture but I think its sophisticated shades will shine through once I have blocked out the scarf (that is washed and pinned it into place).

I also have not shown you the finished results of the Cleckheaton California Scarf which was also custom-made for the same customer. It is an absolutely intriguing scarf, while being a very easy short row knit. I am quite tempted to make another one in a colour called Storm - purples and greens.

Right now, I am now turning my mind to what knitting to pack for a flight to Adelaide this week. I am thinking possibly a scarf for Big B in a colour way called "Forest in Spring" that I've been dying to use or maybe a little baby hat and booties in the leftover Nasturtium from my Scrambled Egg Socks. Secretly, I'm hoping to add another couple of projects in there (a new pair of socks and also a lace wrap) but I must exercise restraint!


  1. Arh, so you are flying to Adelaide, are you taking your knitting in your carry on baggage? I am flying to Brisbane via Townsville on 5 August and keep getting conflicting advice whether I can take me knitting as carry on, reason I want it is carry on is that I have a five hour lay over in Townsville until my connecting flight.

  2. Hi Motherdragon, yes knitting is fine on carry on. I think it is probably wise to still just do circular needles but I've encountered no problems travelling in Australia so far. I do still get quite a few odd looks from passengers but it is so much more pleasant to travel while knitting...Keep calm and keep knitting!

  3. Do you think you can share the pattern for your fan feather scarf you made? I love it!!!