Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tropical Bird Milo 1

The weather has turned very chilly indeed here in Western Australia and that combined with an ever present lack of sleep has seen me reach into my stash for something bright and inspiring. I've decided to attempt a Milo Vest in the gorgeous "Forest in Spring" colour way I got from Candy Apple Lane a while back. It is a 10 ply while the pattern calls for an 8ply but given Big B is a tad bigger than the biggest size of the pattern, I am willing to chance the inevitable distortion that will come from using a larger yarn will work in my favour.

It feels wonderful to finally get started with this yarn that has been staring rather reproachfully at me each time I rummage around in the stash. I was feeling exceedingly guilty about not making vests for the boys this winter. While I almost embarked on one a number of times, I always came up with a legitimate excuse - not having the right 10 ply pattern, not having the right circular needles, etc. However, we are on our way and I think it will look really beautiful - a masculine version of a rainbow interspersed with Big B's favourite colour - orange!

I've also finished the custom Feather and Fan scarf in Morris and Sons Quartet yarn (Driftwood colour way). I love how lace really only comes to life once it has been blocked. In particular, with more subtle variegated yarns, this is the only way to tell what it is going to look like. I love its silky finish - who knew soybean silk could make yarn so luscious! The colour is a little more brown than shown here, being a wonderful mix of silver grey, brown and dark grey.


  1. Oh your scarf is stunning, both the colour and the pattern, might have to make one for next winter, though today would be a good day to wear it, it is cold, considering last week we were in the high 20s and low 30s.

    1. Thanks Motherdragon! It is a really easy scarf to make (pattern is free at I'm very tempted to make one for myself as well. I loved the yarn too - even though it was not twisted much, I didn't have a problem with splitting and it was beautiful to handle.