Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tropical Bird Milo (And What To Do When Your Son Falls into a Cactus)

The Milo vest for Big B is finished and it a great culmination of what has been a very interesting weekend. It all started with a day off for me...very unusual and very lovely to be able to stay at home snug and warm knitting while the rain and wind tried to beat our poor house into submission (Pictures of the unblocked vest as a result of this extra knitting time. Yarn is "Forest in Spring" by Candy Apple Lane).

It continued with an Alice in Wonderland birthday party where Little B shone in Mad Hatter-inspired dance moves (obviously does not get that from his parents!) and then we got to the cactus incident....

You know how in various cartoons, you always get a character who manages to run into a cactus (e.g. Wily Coyote) and you always think, how implausible is that? Well, we have two tiny cacti that live in a large raised ceramic pot. What are the odds for Little B to fall and put both his hands in the pot on the cacti? He came screaming into the house with his two hands very red and swollen. On came the ice (and painkiller) and then to think the next plan of attack. I couldn't see any thorns but decided to read up about how to proceed. Turns out that a way to go about it is to lather the hands with white craft glue, let it set and then peel the glue and the thorns off. I was not sure if there were any thorns left but it seemed to have helped and was great in taking his mind off the pain. So if you are faced with the same situation, you know what to do!

Also, I found a great new recipe which you may enjoy for both children and adults called "Volcanic Eggs". It is from the "4 Ingredients Kids" cookbook. Very simple and the boys loved it. It is basically eggs on toast with a twist. You separate the eggs, keeping the yolks separate (I kept them in the half egg shells). Beat the egg whites and mound on a piece of toast (one egg per toast) and then make a dent in the mound and put the egg yolk in. Sprinkle with grated parmesan and a bit of pepper (the ash!) and bake for 8-12 minutes in a 180 degree oven. Brilliant!

Anyway, hoping you have a great start to the week and that your loved ones avoid cacti!

P.S. Also working on a new feather and fan scarf for sale - it is the same design and yarn as the previous scarf I showed but is in a gorgeous green (30% soybean silk and 70% wool). I am thinking of calling it "Sea Dragon"!


  1. Awesome tricks and tips - I am so going to try the volcanic eggs next weekend for my kids (and hubby) but I hope I never have to try the cactus trick.

    The vest is gorgeous as is the scarf. I got some Candy Apple Lane this week and am waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be.

    1. Thanks Ganzetal! Has your Candy Apple Lane yarn whispered to you yet? I'm lining up my next Candy Apple Lane purchase ("Elephant Walk")for another Milo vest for my youngest :-)!