Sunday, 18 August 2013

Blossom Cardigan and Booties 1

My world is now back to normal again with the usual amount of racing around, social activity and family time. It has been bliss to do all of this once more - even the stressful parts! As I sit here on Sunday night, eating yet another of the Oatmeal and Coconut Cookies Big B and I baked this afternoon, I thought I'd share both the recipe for this surprisingly tasty biscuit and the photos of a set of newborn woollies I am putting together for a dear friend's soon-to-be-born baby girl.

I am quietly excited about knitting for this baby girl. As you know, I do not get to do this very often and there are just so many things I could make! I am trying to restrain myself and being quite modest in what I am making. The pair of booties is one from the Cleckheaton Little Babies Designs Book 2 and these where really straightforward to knit (photos are unblocked). The cardigan is by Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply, which I have modified so that the lace matches that of the booties. This cardigan will also be short sleeve, appropriate for Perth in late spring. The yarn is Patons Dreamtime in 4 ply.

I have not been able to progress these for a while as I did not want to handle baby clothes while I had the boys' virus. I should get back into it early this week. In the meantime, I am making surprising headway in my Ruched Wrap, which I am hoping to show you later next week.

Oatmeal Cookies (inspired by Betty Crocker's Old Fashioned Cookbook - tweaked by me)

1/4 cup white sugar
1 cup coffee crystal sugar (I ran out of white sugar and found this a surprisingly delicious, crunchy substitute)
1/2 cup butter softened
1/2 cup golden syrup
2 eggs
2 cups quick cooking oats
1 2/3 cups plain flour
1 cup dessicated coconut
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
A little milk if mixture is too hard to stir

Heat oven to 190 degrees celsius. Mix sugar, butter, golden syrup and eggs. Stir in remaining ingredients. Drop dough by rounded teaspoonfuls about 5 cm apart on to baking paper. Bake 9-10 minutes or until just set. Cool slightly. Remove from baking paper.

(Makes about 40-50)


  1. Oh, those booties are cute! And look to be a very clever design. Brilliant to echo the lace on the cardigan. Matching shoes to her outfit? Gotta start her off right! :)

    Sorry you had a virus, I totally understand. My little guy came down with a "rogue" chicken pox strand, even though he had his needle against chicken pox. Weird, huh? Now I'm feeling a strange kind of sore throat. Chicken pox on the inside?!? Unfortunately, very possible. I'm getting it checked.

    Your cookies sound so tasty! Do you think course cane sugar would make a good substitute for the white and the crystal sugar?

    1. Oh no, hope you don't come down with chicken pox :-) Thanks, I think I'm quite hooked on to booties now. I think the cane sugar might work well as it will give a caramelly taste and probably not dissolve entirely giving it the extra crunchy texture.