Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Knit Me A Rainbow - Ruched Wrap

This has been a very unusual week for me so far, spending as it were the majority of my days in my bedroom, communicating with work colleagues solely through email and phone calls, recovering from this beastly virus. However, tomorrow I venture forth into the world again and not a moment too soon in my books!

To divert myself from the claustrophobia and the sameness of spending five days inside the house, I started a  new project for myself using the gorgeous gradient of colours in Schoppel Wolle Lace 2ply, which I bought while in Melbourne last year. Deciding that I did not want to add lace to the rainbow of colours already present, I settled on a Ruched Wrap by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas (wonderful name for a yarn store!). It is knit lengthways so every row is very, very long (566 stitches!) but on the plus side, it is going remarkably quickly for a wrap of this delicate nature. For those that have not knit with 2 ply before, it is like knitting with dental floss, only softer and more attractive of course.

I am not yet entirely certain that I have made the right choice of pattern for the yarn but I am willing to continue on this journey and see how it turns out. At the moment I keep thinking of it as having a Rastafarian look but when all the blue gradient comes through then this impression will hopefully disappear. I am hoping it will grown into a bright, multi-coloured wrap that will add a touch of something to a black dress.

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