Thursday, 19 September 2013

Back from the Wilderness

It has been a while since my last post and so much has happened in our lives! Many small things that add up to a very busy time of our lives - birthday party for Little B, house hunting, a number of different childhood illnesses, cake stalls, etc. However, I have decided to slow down for a little to go back to the things I love to do for myself. Even went to the gym today!

I cannot tell you much yet about the house hunting but I can say that it has been a real learning journey for my lovely husband and I. The highlight has been that we actually had a similar goal and style in mind. The negotiation on how we get to the outcome has taken its time but I think we are both happy with the result. The real downside of house hunting are both the time taken and the emotional ups and downs you go through every week. Thank goodness for knitting to take the edge off!

In this time of upheaval, I have been keeping my knitting very simple and targeted at babies as there are a few due in my circle of friends. Another cotton ripple blanket has come off my needles and is now blocked out to dry. This is intended as a unisex blanket and I really like this colour scheme. Quite happy with the result! These pictures were taken prior to the soaking and you can see a few spring flowers coming through.

I have also finished a little cotton cardigan (Size 12-18 months), adapting one of my favourite patterns to incorporate a feather and fan lace border. I think it will look great once I've blocked it and added a wooden button with little ladybirds on it.
You may see a few more of either of these as I attempt to rationalise my stock of cotton yarn. I do have an ulterior motive here - it is not actually to reduce the yarn amount but rather to have a turnover of stock in potentially new colours. I am aiming for perhaps a large delivery in the new house? As a house christening gift of course.....

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