Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mermaid Ripple Blanket

It is election day here and we've been busy doing typical election things - voting, baking and manning the primary school cake stall! Yes, I managed this year to do three ginger cakes with the fourth rather failed attempt staying at home with us (still tastes great).

Having completed all the mandatory activities, I am now gearing up to satisfy my inner geek with the ABC's coverage of the election - lots of statistics, probabilities and waffle. I am armed with a big pile of Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton yarn and hopefully soon some chilled white wine! Snacks are also at the ready, along with a dinner that is already all prepared for the boys.

It has been a long delay since my last post - mostly due to Little B's fifth birthday party, house-hunting and a surge in work activity.It is in these rather hectic times that I have found again the delight of simple baby blanket knitting. I love working through which colours to put together and see my pile of cotton yarn diminishing. Here is the latest version, the Mermaid Ripple Blanket.
As you can see, spring has also arrived in our garden with these beautiful pink everlastings. Hope you have fun too on this election day!

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