Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tutti Frutti Ripple Blanket 1

It is windy and pouring down with rain again, despite being almost at the end of the first month of spring! The advantage of course, is that due to the poor weather, there is no real urgency to get out and about, fix things around the house or garden. As the boys have also been quite sick these last few days, the slower pace has enabled us to think a bit about our new house, what changes we'd like to make and investigate kitchen designs. Having always lived in rented homes, I always lived with what I had and now the notion of designing something that I actually want is both exciting and daunting. I have found that a few lines of knitting at a time helps as you browse kitchen designs or talk ideas through. 

My project of choice to do while I'm thinking of other things is this Tutti Frutti Ripple Blanket, made from Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton and a tiny bit of Panda Cotton Blend (for the orange). I love doing these little pram blankets and they have been much appreciated by family and friends. This one is destined for the A Passionate Yarn online shop.

At the same time, the fact that we are not having to go to any more home opens this weekend has enabled me to get some of the finished projects washed and blocked. The blanket on the last post is now dry and ready for its ends to be weaved in. It is now the turn of the little red cotton Feather and Fan cardigan (size 12-18 months) to take its place on the drying/blocking board. This will also go to stock up the A Passionate Yarn online shop which has been sadly neglected over the last few months. I am not sure exactly when I will be able to post them back up, probably in late October/early November. In the pipeline is also a green cotton cabled sleeveless cardigan (Size 4) which I have started.

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