Sunday, 27 October 2013

Gelato Baby Blanket

The days have been speeding past without much time to take a breath and catch you up on all of the news. With much happening over the last week, the only knitting that has been happening were some bunting (unfortunately I forgot to photograph those) and this cotton baby blanket called Gelato. I am pretty excited because this is the last section and there is a good chance of finishing it tonight. This is the latest project in my quest to finish my cotton collection before moving into my new house. I reckon there are only about two more blankets to go!

There were some wonderful moments though over the last week and a bit, where lovely time was spent with knitters! Last weekend I had the privilege of giving an hours' worth of knitting class as part of Knitting for Mental Health along with a very crafty friend and that was so much fun. It reminded me of the joy in sharing with others things you love and seeing at least some finding a connection with this strange addictive activity that keeps me entertained every evening.
Beautiful rose spotted this morning
On the house front, we may be getting the keys on Monday....very exciting. As so many people have already put it, we are about to start our own version of "Grand Designs" no doubt I will be sharing many a renovation story with you....that is if the renovation has taken over all my knitting time in the mean time.....

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