Sunday, 8 December 2013

Waffle Blanket 2 and Milestone Birthdays

This week has been hectic in the lead up to the Christmas season. Dance sport, Christmas cooking, house renovations - you name it, it was all on the go. I am not quite as prepared this year as I usually am. I will not be knitting individual gifts for the boys' teachers and I have just to accept that my Christmas cards overseas will not arrive on time. However, I have started my Christmas shopping and managed to bake some cookies. Here they are (Hermit cookies from my Betty Crocker  cookbook) in my brand new spotty biscuit tin. I am very excited about this tin, bought recently at Spotlight which came with a larger red cake tin with white spots. I have always wanted cake and biscuit tins!
The waffle blanket is drawing to a close (this picture is from a couple of days ago) despite being sorely tried by my social activities. It is not every week you have a milestone birthday! I have had a lovely decadent lunch/afternoon with girlfriends with amazing food and French champagne. I think that the lunch smoothed out the few remaining niggles I had about growing older - this is definitely the new 29!

I have just to add another three sets of sky blue. This blanket has felt a bit epic and I am looking forward to doing a slightly smaller knit for my next project. I am thinking perhaps something in bamboo?